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Year 11 Day 112 21:24
Reading through the rules on space-stations, I noted that even the largest ship-building facilities could not hold most listed capital-ships. Therefore my question is: can ship-building space-stations construct the largest ships and, if so, how?

Year 11 Day 112 22:38
A shipyard 4 can construct a ship of any length.


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Year 11 Day 112 22:46
Beside the fact that the SY4 is 3km long, and only 3 ships are actually larger than that? Might want to look up what most means as well.

Otherwise, as Hal said, the SY4 can build any ship regardless, as it says on the production page.

Year 11 Day 113 0:25

If you read the rules again you'll find this part:

"There must be sufficient capacity in weight and volume in the facility/station to hold the finished product(s). The available space includes that which is currently taken up by the materials that production will use

}}>. (This doesn't apply to ships 80 metres or larger because they're built outside.) {{{{<"

Year 11 Day 113 12:35
Thanks, that explains a lot.