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Archives » Question about months. answered
Year 11 Day 115 21:37
when do months start and stop in the StarWarsCombine? I know it is every 30 days, but does that mean the months go by themselves, or do they get reset every year so they go ;0-29,30-59,60-89,90-119,120-149,150-179,180-209,210-139,240-269,270-299,300-329,330-359,60-360, and then reset at zero?

in other words:how can I tell what day a month will end on, and what day a new month will begin on? thanks :)

Edited By: Janos Bell on Year 11 Day 120 15:07
Year 11 Day 115 21:38
The Combine itself doesn't use months... So what exactly do you mean?

Year 11 Day 115 22:05
If you are referring to FI and Tax runs etc that occur each month, it happens on the day that our months finish. So when it gets to April 1st, everything that gets dealt with monthly is done etc.

Otherwise, as Weylin said, the SWC time just does days and doesn't worry about months.

Year 11 Day 116 4:15
Its based on real life months. 1 st of the month you get your income from facilities and such..

Year 11 Day 120 15:06
ok, thanks :)