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Year 11 Day 121 10:31
My items are not showing up for me to pick up, I'm at the location. I click items in postion mode and all i see is what i have equiped which is just some stunncuffs on my belt.

Year 11 Day 121 10:37
hmm are you sure you are standing where they are located? check on your items location by clicking on items on the right menu or going here

Year 11 Day 121 10:38
Ka`rla Leakey

Only thing I can think yo check is that you are in the entity at that position, or not in an entity at that position. I.e. you may be parked on them, have a peek outside.

Year 11 Day 125 10:13
I have tried these things, I am standing where I unpacked them, they are not showing up as being there except in my inventory.

Year 11 Day 125 19:17
You are using the Equipment page yes, linked under Position? It could be that Clarr disabled the old one for the new page.