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Year 11 Day 121 18:39
Micah Rose

so i have a question regarding construction.
I have to build a hospital - yes i have all the rights, priv, materials, datacards. I have no idea how to start the building process though. I tried looking into the rules section but didnt find anything :( Mayeb i was looking at the wrong place, so if anyone knows how to build or even point me to the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Year 11 Day 121 20:12
Cesodevo Avina

You need to be inside of the city and by the place where you want to build the hospital. You also need to be outside of your ship as well.

After that, on your right-hand bar you will see a few things under the "Production" tab, including the facility construction button. That is where you need to go. The rest is pretty much straight-forward and you can learn as you go (don't worry, you will be able to make corrections in the second screen if you get something wrong in the first screen).


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Year 11 Day 121 20:17
Amerish Strom

You also need to be either at the left top corner or the above the top left corner where you want to build. example you want to build at 1,1, then you need to be at 0,1 or 1,0. Plus be careful of the roads, make sure you have the right boxes checked or unchecked.

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Year 11 Day 121 20:39
Micah Rose

thanks for the quick replies guys. I have another question, so once im in my construction screen and i have to select what type of building to construct there should be an indication of a hospital there right or coudl i chose say anybuilding and turn that into hospital? There are choices there just no hospital there as a selection.

Year 11 Day 121 20:42
Amerish Strom

The hospital is a 5x5 building. Over to the right you will see where all the building types are, I think right above it different dimensions. Just click on the 5x5 then find the hospital and face it how you want it.

Year 11 Day 121 20:46
Micah Rose

hmm well thats odd i can only see high rise building as oen of the options but no hospitals there?

Year 11 Day 121 20:52
I'm not an expert on this matter, but I believe you have to have permissions to build a specific facility. So you don't just have to get permissions to build, but permissions to build a hospital, for example. I'm not sure though.

Year 11 Day 121 20:52
Amerish Strom

I would go look at it but I am in hyperspace right now sorry. If I am remembering right, I think there is just a drop down box and you scroll through it till you find what you are looking for. I was mistaken before with the dimensions logic that is part of the city designer.

Year 11 Day 121 20:55
Micah Rose

Philip- yeah i do have the building priv already!
Amerish- i did go through the drop down menu but still didnt see any hospital there. Ugh, dunno what the heck im doing wrong here lol

Year 11 Day 121 20:57
Amerish Strom

Go into live chat and enter #swc-help there should be someone in there that can walk you though it. Sorry I could not be of any help.

Year 11 Day 121 21:00
Micah Rose

aww well no youve helped alot its just im sucha newb (hehe see bromley im saying newb not noob!)
i think im gonna confirm though before going in chat channel that i do have the rights to build-maybe i dont although i was sure i did!

Year 11 Day 121 22:18
All idiots. Kinda. You have to make sure that the radio button/checkbox thingy is selected for the faction you are in, rather than the personal one. Otherwise no faction specific facilities will show up. Then the hospital etc should appear in the drop down list of facilities.

Year 11 Day 121 23:01
Micah Rose

lol yeah well i think im prob the bigger one-it turns out that i hadnt really gotten the priv yet lol So just got em now and it seems to be working however theres another problem im having now=every time i click on step 2 i get a msg indicating im not allowed to build the hospital there?

Year 11 Day 121 23:29
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Either your faction doesn't have permission to build there, or you're choosing to build for yourself instead of your faction.

Year 11 Day 122 4:54
Cesodevo Avina

Chances are, you are trying to build the hospital in a place aside from where you have permission to build it. Just to throw up a few numbers to show an example, it could be that you have permission to build at 3,5 in the city, but you are trying to build it at 3,7. Since the permission only covers building the hospital at 3,5, it would naturally come up with an error message, since you don't have permission to build the hospital anywhere else but 3,5. You should be able to check in your "build permissions" where exactly you are allowed to build the hospital.


Time to go to war with the Flame Tigers!
Year 11 Day 123 18:51
Micah Rose

thanks for the replies guys. So now everything is working, however, when i sent a request to build a hospital it comes as a religious center as soon as i click on sent. Is this a bug? If i am reporting a bug, do i have to register for it? I was looking at report bug function but i cant seem to log on with my swc handle name so im assuming i have to register. I just want to make sure though before i proceed-sorta really scared about the whole having duplicate accounts thing!

Year 11 Day 123 18:58
Yes, you have to register a separate account on the bug base.

Just make sure that bug hasn't been reported yet before you post it.

Year 11 Day 123 19:04
Micah Rose

thanks for the quick reply Mr Bromley!

Year 11 Day 123 19:37
Please notice that you should add in your own note if there is already a bug report on this. It can help identify the problem, for the coders.