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Year 11 Day 126 15:31
hey idk what im doing wrong, i typed in my "handle" and my pass that was sent to me in email and it wont lemme it, do i have to combine the handle into 1 word or like it was in the email, or what? HELP PLZ!

Year 11 Day 126 17:44
Have you read the stickied thread about not logging in? Have you tried everything it suggests? If not, go and do those 2 things, then come back if it still doesn't work.

Year 11 Day 128 1:26
If you need it, I offer assistance with spelling and grammar at no charge for you - Just DM me.


Year 11 Day 158 17:07
i dont know where to find this weird shaped v. i really need help.i cant login without the letter

Year 11 Day 158 18:03
Wierd shaped v? Try using Word, and looking in the insert symbols popup - you should be able to find it in there somewhere. THen just copy and paste.


Year 11 Day 159 0:51
SWC only uses characters that are readily available from most keyboards for their passwords (last I checked even only regular characters A-z and numbers 0-9), so unless you made your handle with a weird looking "v", there shouldn't be a problem.

Also make sure the font that's showing your password isn't weird.


Year 11 Day 169 6:14
same prob here i think its a 1 but im not sure