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Year 11 Day 127 21:22
Cyrinity Aboleth
Cyrinity Aboleth
I use a couple different 3D modelers and would be able to make models for images of new entities if need be. I'm not sure that the general accuracy of what would be wanted would be easy to achieve, but I'd be willing to try to model ships and such. I'm not sure how to texture a 3D model myself but perhaps someone else would have the knowledge to do so.

Year 11 Day 127 22:34
I'm guessing you're asking if your help would be wanted/needed? I think the art team are always looking for good 3D modelers to replace our rather old and stolen images. Best thing to do is go to the art forum, read through the stickied topic that lists models/images they need made, and make one.

Once you have got a reasonable model and image, make a new thread in that forum, and the art team and others will criticise it to help you make it better. CPs will be awarded if its chosen and used in the rules images, and if you are good enough you may be invited to join the art team to continue to make models of entities.

Year 11 Day 127 22:41
Cyrinity Aboleth
Cyrinity Aboleth
Thanks for the reply! Exactly what I was looking for.