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Year 11 Day 128 7:20
Dan Hakim

What effects the prices of stocks?

I don't mean CPM prices but the value on your inventory page, we don't have anything like a RL economy, and most factions are not even business orientated so I'm confused as to what can make a difference.

Year 11 Day 128 8:32
Vito Royan

Mainly on how many have been released, and how badly someone wants them.



Year 11 Day 128 8:50
Alex Tylger

In terms of stock value in the inventory, I believe it ties directly in with the number of stocks that have been released and how many (how large a percentage) you possess. That percentage is then calculated from the faction's overall value (meaning the combined total of their assets).

Year 11 Day 128 13:49
And if I'm correct you own the faction if you own 51% or more of the stocks.

Year 11 Day 128 18:11
As Alex says, the value of each stock is based on the number of stocks released, and the value of the faction itself. THe value of your stocks is then based on that, and the number you have.

Year 11 Day 129 20:11
Dan Hakim

Oh, ok, thanks everyone.