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Year 11 Day 131 1:00
Shritzu Shakaran

Would a medical faction named umbrella be deleted(for it's name)?I could have sworn there was one?

Year 11 Day 131 1:10
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

It either dissolved due to inactivity or lack of capital, renamed, or merged into another faction.

They don't delete factions.

Year 11 Day 133 3:12
Shritzu Shakaran

I see....so the name would be up for grabs...?

Year 11 Day 133 3:58
Year 11 Day 133 8:57
Amerish Strom

Think there is a Resident Evil fan in our midst.

Year 11 Day 134 0:21
Shritzu Shakaran

Somewhat Guilty,A friend was going to see if his name of albret wesker or marcus spencer would be refused...

Year 11 Day 135 12:29
umbrella corporation dissolved :) (Or so their CPM account said)

Year 11 Day 135 16:21
Ya know, ah was thinking of the Umbrella Acedemy first

Year 11 Day 138 4:02
Melik Tafari

I dare you friend to use the last name of Wesker! Lol!

Year 11 Day 138 5:07
They've existed already. They were hunted down and purged for being a bunch of absolute morons.

Year 11 Day 148 12:05
Shritzu Shakaran

So they were killed or deleted?(purged gives me this image,just making sure)

Year 11 Day 148 12:23
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl