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Archives » Famous people of your race
Year 11 Day 134 8:52
Mingolo Mingolonio

How do you get on the list of famous people of your race? I have a friend who is in it and has no idea why.

Year 11 Day 134 9:12
I think players on that list have most experience points in a race.

Year 11 Day 134 9:14
Dorn Zeke

I believe there are two tiers. 5 are the oldest characters of that race, and 5 are the characters of that race who have the most XP.

Year 11 Day 134 9:14
Mingolo Mingolonio

Really? That's interesting.....I wonder how he has so much XP, he's not that old of a member.

Year 11 Day 134 9:24
Gunther Innis Tennor

Some races have very few members, if there are 10 or less of a race then all get listed.

Year 11 Day 163 6:18
I was a famous Nautolan some ages ago! Year 6! but some how i got kicked from the list!.


Year 11 Day 164 9:27
Most likely you were on it for your XP level then, and others have outleveled you since. Or some old school Nautolans logged back in. :-)



Year 12 Day 261 4:41
Is there anyway you can get a list of all the people that play as one specific race?

Year 12 Day 261 5:35
THats in-character information, you have to find that out by asking around, doing research, and doing all kinds of work.