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Year 11 Day 136 14:33
Trex Halstick

I'm new, and I took a transport to Tatooine. Now when I try to exit it, it says "No Docking Port." I'm on the planet, and I don't know what the problem is. Help?

Edited By: Trex Halstick on Year 11 Day 136 16:13
Year 11 Day 136 17:50
Are you sure you are actually on the planet yet? NPC transport automatically kicks you out once its travel is finished and disappears. If you are looking at the ETA, that will change depending on which part of the transport movement its on. There will likely be at least 5 different movement sections before you arrive.

Year 11 Day 136 17:57
Trex Halstick

OK, thanks for the help.

Year 11 Day 136 20:27
Transport is not instant: ascending/descending from/to a planet is a 4 hour (real time) round trip (2 lots of 1 hour journeys each way)

Year 11 Day 136 20:46
NPC transport takes 3 hours from ground to orbit. Just to let you know. OR at least thats what it used to be unless someone has changed the timings of it.

Year 11 Day 136 21:06
Have never used NPC transport (ah used a rented spherical speeder to reach a ship in orbit back when ah started), was just listing the player-controlled transit times regarding planets