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Archives » I haven't received my password.
Year 11 Day 137 1:16
As the title says I haven't received my password and I registered around 7 days ago.
I tried the lost password thing and all I keep getting is "Account not activated yet."
My brother is already playing this game and he sent a email to the multi account people to saw that we share the same internet.
Can someone suggest what I should do?

Year 11 Day 137 3:24
Multi accounts generally take a bit longer than normal accounts as they have to be checked before being accepted. In addition, there are not as many people that can do this, compared with just normal accepting. I will go have a look through the waiting multi accounts and accept those that should be.

If you have not had your account accepted within the next day or so, post your account handle here, and I or someone will have a look into it.

Year 11 Day 137 4:35
thank you

Year 11 Day 137 4:48
:) i got my account now