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Year 11 Day 138 10:53
The log out time has greatly decreased (now I get logged out within 10-15 minutes) instead of the many hours it was before. Is there anything we, the players, can change to make this easier or do we just have to deal with it now?

Thank you.

Year 11 Day 138 10:56
Ku`Bakai Roche

I've noticed this as well.

Particularly it likes to unlog me when I'm messing with City Designer.

Year 11 Day 138 14:54
I hate how quickly I get logged out. I just use the Reload Every Firefox extension to refresh the page every five minutes (I set it only on a separate cockpit tab so it's not refreshing while I'm typing a forum post, etc.). Apparently whenever you do something on a page (click, or refresh) it resets the auto-logout time. So refreshing every five minutes has been working well.

There's quite a few Firefox extensions that solve some of SWC's problems.

Year 11 Day 138 18:16
I reported it as bug.



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Year 11 Day 138 19:43
Yeah, the server swap has messed with the session stuff. Tres annoying. Hopefully someone can fix it.