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Archives » Vehicle renting NPC trouble
Year 11 Day 149 5:21
I know the NPC scripts were taken offline, but I do believe they have been put back on. However I'm having trouble with the Vehicle Renting NPC on Tatooine. When I click on talk all it says is "Script not found" in red.

Whats going on?

Year 11 Day 149 10:06
Cesodevo Avina

Sounds like a case for the bug base.

But before you report it (if you choose to), make sure there aren't any duplicate reports about it there first.

There's your link.


Time to go to war with the Flame Tigers!
Year 11 Day 149 17:48
That would be because it doesn't actually have a script at the moment. SOme scripts have been released, but not all of them have been written yet. Plus, those NPCs that require special options (vehicle renter, brawler, shopkeeper etc) have not been done at all, as the code for them needs to be sorted first.


Year 11 Day 150 4:15
Well looks like I'm stuck in this empty city then. I can't move to another city because there are none in any squares around the city and I don't want to run the risk of crossing open terrian squares on a Hot/Breathable planet. I can't use the NPC Transport either because its broken at the moment.

This is very annoying, but its all I've got to do now, wait.

Year 11 Day 150 5:27
Well if you want to use the NPC transport, send one of us ASims a DM and we'll arrange transport of some description.