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Year 6 Day 342 11:32
Rey Earth

I can select only 1 destination in cross terrain, and now I can't get back to city :D I took picture: bug.JPG

What are those red square?

Year 6 Day 342 23:51
Are you currently on the far right of the map and not touching any sides? if so thats why. You need to be on the very side of the map on whichever side you intend to travel, corners I believe you can go to 2 sides... or was it 3.. Anyhow if you want to enter the city make sure you are on that bottom row.



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Year 6 Day 343 0:29
Rey Earth

Yes, I'm in bottom row

Year 6 Day 343 1:53
That's because the city is on water, 've moved you back to the city. You might want to seek out the 'Vehicle Rental' NPC there.


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Year 6 Day 347 8:44
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm having the same sort of problem, and the red square thing is a bit odd.


Year 6 Day 347 19:57
hmm where's the problem? You're at the top left corner of the city, in a ship, and have access to the left, top left and top squares.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 348 3:32
sorry, my bad. I got it into my head that crossterrain travel could take you anywhere on the planet in one movement.


Year 6 Day 348 4:54
heh, no worries


Kids these days!