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Year 11 Day 151 19:53
I want ta know if you can go NPC after an amount of time.

Year 11 Day 151 21:35
If you have been arrested for 3 weeks, you can drop your character, which turns it into an NPC. After that, you have a 1 week respawn wait.

If you have been locked up for a length of time, you can talk to an assistant for different options, including transport or dropping your character.

Year 11 Day 151 22:01
If you have been trapped in a location and have attempted all IC attempts to free yourself, ask one of us ASims and we will drop your character, and you will then have 1 week to wait before being able to respawn. This includes being arrested for over 3 weeks, trapped on a ship/planet etc. Mnimum time is 3 weeks, and dropping the character is the only option. Teleporting you out will not be done unless there is a bug that caused it.


Year 11 Day 151 23:22
If you wanted to know if you can become 'famous' by having your name enter the game and 'living' on after you stopped playing (for whatever reason) then the answer would be 'no', only way would be as stated above