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Year 11 Day 153 10:55
Hello I am stuck on a npc ship, I dont even know what planet I am on the ship has landed but when I hit the exit button it tells me the docking port is closed so I cant exit and it wont give me any other options, I have been stuck in the same ship for 4 days now and if someone could help me get out of it I would be very gratefull.

Year 11 Day 153 19:26
Likely the ship has not landed. As per the Sim News post a week or so ago, NPC transport was/is bugged. Please give us your intended destination and we'll have you teleported there soon.


Year 11 Day 153 22:25
I think I need to be teleported to Roche VII. I believe I have the same issue.

When you have time to read the play-by-play, I sent you a similar message with many details that may help someone track the bug down. I saw some very weird behavior that doesn't jive. Anyway, it's all in your DM.

Thanks in advance and always. Take it easy.

Year 11 Day 165 18:40
Han Boyd

I'm stuck on a ship to alderaan.
The eta keeps resetting when the previous one runs out.
I checked the event log and i can't see a reason for this.
Someone please help^^;

Year 11 Day 179 8:29
Ino Misu

I walked into a Speeder 3000 as my first action and can't get out.

Please send me to Tellas.

Thank you muchly!

Year 11 Day 179 14:44
Minorr Kolask

Hi me too im stuck in in a starspeeder 3000 star tours and i can't get out....i need to go to koronann city in the ithos system smething like that so thanks !

Minorr Kolask

Year 11 Day 179 14:44
Minorr Kolask

Ithor system ***

Year 11 Day 179 16:56
As far as I know these are working now. Travel is not instantaneous. You will see an ETA for each portion of your journey - an hour to atmosphere, an hour to orbit, a few minutes to hours sublight to exit the graity well, and then perhaps a few days to destination. Then sublight to the planet, and the two, one huor descending events.

Then you will find yourself at your destination.

You only have a problem if the ETA has not been moving, or if you've had no ETA, for an extended period of time.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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Year 11 Day 222 10:23
Sean Corby

Hello my name is Sean Corby i am stuck on a npc ship it is not going anywhere, i can not get out and i have been like this for three days. my intended destinatio was (73, -430) (18, 2) can i please be Transported to that position ASAP, or i will lose my job. also my eta has just stayed in the same position for three days. please help me.

Edited By: Sean Corby on Year 11 Day 222 14:24
Year 11 Day 222 17:55
Im stuck on a ship to ryloth


Munit tome\'tayl, skotah iisa
Year 11 Day 222 19:05
It is highly unlikely you are stuck, as there are currently no bugs with NPC travel not finishing. If you are referring to the ETA in the room you are in, that will change. There will be approximately 7 different sets of ETA, each of varying length.

Best thing to do is remember what ETA it gave you when you were still in the starport and chose your destination. If it said 4 days, it will likely take just under 5 days with the extra travel to get there. Before this point, you will not be able to do much, but if you are still on board after this time, then yes, then it is a bug.


Year 11 Day 222 19:12
Ellias, if all travel was aborted due to the travel upgrade, and that includes NPC transports... what starts those NPC transports moving again?

His ETA should be counting down every time he loads the page.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 11 Day 223 12:55
Deleted Post
Deleted by Gitane Z. Reason: Start your own thread
Year 11 Day 223 13:01
Deleted Post
Deleted by Gitane Z. Reason: Start your own thread
Year 11 Day 223 16:56
We did finish all the NPC transport actions before the travel abort.

However as always a few got through. If you are stuck, I recommend DMing Ellias with your destination and he can fix you up. (Ellias: fix them up :P)

Year 11 Day 223 18:30
Pah, coders not doing their job, grumble grumble.

In that case people DM me with the planet and starport you were heading to. If you were travelling to a faction starport can you get your leader to DM me the ID number. If I don;t have this information teleporting you will be nigh on impossible, or at least to somewhere you wanted to go.


Year 11 Day 237 18:34
I would be nice if the game showed you those other steps that the Transport took.

Year 11 Day 242 6:36
im also stuck on star tours ship lorell


Marquis Drakes
Year 11 Day 247 11:50
BobyJo Fitt

i'm stuck on a star tours 3000 and i'm heading to tantowen and it is stuck

Year 11 Day 247 17:57
Are they stuck or are you being impatient? Travel will generally take several days to complete and the ETA given in the room description will give 7 different max values depending on which stage of the journey you are at.

Best bet is to take the ETA given just before you accepted the journey, add a day to it. If you haven't arrived after that time, then you can tell us that there is a problem. Otherwise, its working fine.


Year 11 Day 292 14:55
I am also stuck on a NPC ship. ETA keeps resetting. Please teteport back to Alderaan.

Year 11 Day 292 19:19
The ETA resets for each stage of the journey, about 7 times, can you remember how long the initial ETA time said?

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