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Year 11 Day 294 9:39
Avella James

People who are new are the ones most likely to use the NPC shuttle.

My first time I was so confused at the 7 ETA times... I thought I was stuck too, thought it was a bug... I would think YAY i have arrived to watch another hour be added on.

I wish for the sake of new players sanity they fix this to actual ETA. Little things like this can make a new players not return.

Year 11 Day 294 17:52
Unfortunately thats not possible due to the way its been coded. If they go to the wiki guide now it will tell then about NPC travel.


Year 11 Day 297 13:56
Valik Rurk

How do I check My ETA while on a ship?

Year 11 Day 297 17:37
If you are the pilot it will be on the sidebar, and viewable at the top of the Cockpit page. If you are not the pilot, you will have to ask the pilot. If you are on the NPC transport, there is no way currently to find out.


Year 12 Day 100 19:06
Donto Roshwa

im trying to go back to the Starport Korunaan Intergalactic Spaceport

Year 12 Day 100 21:02
You wil just have to wait until the journey is finished, if you tell us where you started from, where you were headed and when you started the journey some brainy person will be able to calculate how long you have to wait

Year 12 Day 100 22:38
Christian Hall

Or I will just use that and make myself look good! :D

Year 12 Day 100 23:04
Well, just remember to add at least 4 hours to the number you get from the NavCom

Year 12 Day 139 16:51
Damien Val

i cant get out of the ship that i am on but its not a npc ship


Val (19-04-01)
Year 12 Day 139 17:42
You will need to post on the traders lounge to see if anyone knows who owns it or where it is so you can arrange to get off.

Also, best to make a new thread than necro an old one that is different to yours.


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