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Archives » I couldn't figure a way to move from a ship to another ship that has already ssigned to me on the atmosphere.
As the title say, I don't know how to do that.
Because somehow the mirc program on this internet cafe unusable, so the only option left is to post a help request here.

My employer told me that I've to change ship after I reached the atmosphere.
After that, I'll use the second assigned ship to me to get to the desired system.

But, somehow I forgot how to do that. She's already told me the way though.

Please, could someone help me?


Maybe I\'m kind, but NEVER considerate that as my weakness.
You need to move to the entrance of the ship you are in, the entities you can enter (ships, buildings, whatever) should be listed in the same area you use to move from room to room, click on the [Enter] button next to the ship you want, proceed to the cockpit

Hope that helps

Also make sure both ships are in the same atmosphere square.


Right, forgot it was in the atmosphere

thank you Tiali and Togan, you really helped me a lot! :D


Maybe I\'m kind, but NEVER considerate that as my weakness.