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Year 11 Day 157 18:29
What am I able to make with a crafting kit? I thought one could make more than just keycards, but that is all I have the option to craft.

Year 11 Day 157 19:36
Unless you're Force-sensitive, keycards are it

Year 11 Day 158 7:02
If you are force-sensitive, lightsaber construction is accessed through the Skills page, not the position/items page.

Year 11 Day 158 18:00
Holocrons were/will be crafted through the crafting kit, but this is only for FS people.


Year 11 Day 159 14:43
Ah yeah. Whenever we get around to fixing that again. =P

Year 11 Day 163 7:23
Amaranth Kushiel

Are there any plans in the short term future for expanding the item list of craftable items? Or is it always going to be just a keycard maker for the majority of the universe?

Year 11 Day 163 7:36
Other items are made through production means, so no, I don't think we have any plans to add any more "free" items any time soon.

Year 11 Day 163 13:05
Amaranth Kushiel

Why make it free? When I first joined, I thought the crafting kit could be used to make any of the ordinary items, (ie. Not specialty or weapons/armor.) I figured it would still need the normally listed RMs and just take longer having to make them one at a time instead of working in batches. Factions had the advantages of using a factory to pump out the item in much larger quantities and faster.

As for the crafting kit being able to make lightsabers and such only for force sensitive users, well, last I checked anyone should be able to hold a light saber.. we are just more likely to lose a limb if we use it.

Year 11 Day 163 14:07
Eshini`el Sandhawk

Everyone can hold lightsaber, yes, but only talented force users know how to make one. Everything is on the right place with making lightsabers here.

Making some items with crafting kit would add more fun to the game. It could be harder, take plenty of time and use raw materials or very rare RMs that don`t have any usage or animals skins (creatures coming soon I mean).
You take crafting kit, animal skin, some rare raw material, 2 units of mel, add some adegan and after 36h of crafting - voila! - we have Vodo Bonias voo-doo doll.
Voo-doo dolls wouldn`t add much to playabilty, but possiblity of crafting more minor items would, imho. And they are not free when you pay for: all items that are needed to craft, your time and possiblity of failure.


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Year 11 Day 163 15:47
If crafting kits can only make keycards (or 'sabers if you happen to be born with one sticking out your butt), why are they so dang expensive? Them and the toolkits

Year 11 Day 163 19:41
Same reason everything else is so expensive... GREED

Year 11 Day 163 20:02
That's what ah thought, now we just have to wait for someone to come along and justify the greed :P

Year 11 Day 164 5:28
Sounds like some people are suggestion replacing CP custom items with crafting kit custom items.

Year 11 Day 164 18:56
I actually think they're planned to be able to make animal-hide items once animal combat is released. Animal-hide or leather armor and the like would certainly be interesting.

As for the crafting kit being able to make lightsabers and such only for force sensitive users, well, last I checked anyone should be able to hold a light saber.. we are just more likely to lose a limb if we use it. 

As someone pointed out, anyone can hold them, as long as they are able to acquire one. As for everyone being able to make one, it was decided by myself (who coded the feature) as well as several admins and the Force director that we were not going to go down that route. Which is also why Force-sensitives can only make one apiece. That's certainly not changing any time soon.

Edited By: Mikel von Bianchi on Year 11 Day 164 18:58
Year 11 Day 164 19:57
Ah'm sure a non-FS'er could build a 'saber, but that would require them being trained (just like a Padawan) and it's not likely an FS'er would as if they needed a new one (for what ever reason) they could make it themselves

That was not an argument for making anyone be able to make them, just explaining that a non-FS could make one (even if highly unlikely)

Year 11 Day 164 20:16
Depends what sources you look at. I've seen it stated that a lightsaber crystal cannot be placed and attuned without use of the Force.


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Year 11 Day 164 20:31
Well ok then, but a good tech/mech should at least be able to build everything else (ah always figured the really really personal part of the 'saber was the selection and placement of the crystal(s)) but that is neither here nor there as it has been ruled on FS'ers can build a 'saber (when they are able to again :P)

Year 11 Day 166 4:06

Allow me to come along and justify the greed.

Oh, wait.
It's stupidity.

These items are easily available for 75k each.

Year 11 Day 166 4:49
I was looking through the items to suggest another item to make with a crafting kit.

What about an ID or a Fake ID?

I don't know how these are intended to be implemented later.

Year 11 Day 166 8:38
IDs are a good choice, but datacards could also be applied in the near future as well.

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