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Year 11 Day 167 1:08
I know it's all 'in the air', but could you clarify that in any way please?
With all this talk about R&D, my concerns as a DC holder are:

The mumblings that you may be able to create datacards through R&D.
As always with things not implemented, there cannot be a specific answer.
But I would like to know what the major ideas on how it will work if possible.

While the majority may be against DC holders having a monopoly, the concern is that those factions that have been producing their DC's instead of restricting (primarily for the good of SWC) may now get bit in the ass.

Year 11 Day 167 5:23
What I meant by datacards was the entity, not R&D/reverse engineering. DCs are the real world approximations of SD/flash cards, just empty storage for multipurpose. This is just an idea from me anyways, there are certain other features that have to be implemented first.

Year 11 Day 168 6:22
So you mean producing blank DC's?

Year 11 Day 171 14:38
I think think think what he means is that in the future Datacards will have to be manually carried/copied/moved? (or perhaps that just being an option)
Say you infiltrate a factory and want to steal plans, you'd need a blank DC to upload the data onto.

Something like that?

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