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Year 11 Day 163 7:31
Amaranth Kushiel

Is there any comprehensive list of all the characters that have been banned? Trying to browse the list of news items is non-efficient and going back to view older articles isn't easy.

Year 11 Day 163 7:36
Not a public one, no.

Year 11 Day 163 7:40
Besides, most bans are only for 30 days or so, so it probably wouldn't be that useful.


Year 11 Day 163 8:33
Gunther Innis Tennor

Plus there are a ton of accounts that were created before Darkness was up and running for the public.


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Year 11 Day 163 8:45
Amaranth Kushiel

Itd be more for being able to tell if a character and player are reliable.. I hate to say but if they've done it once, and been caught as a multi, then you have to be a bit more cautious with them because they are very likely to do it again.

It gives you good insight into their character.

Year 11 Day 163 11:51
Gunther Innis Tennor

Bans are OOC punishments, the IC person had nothing to do with that action. It sounds like you want a list of those who have been unbanned.


Robotic Japanese Toilet: I give you...happy poopy time.
Fry: Sorry, you know too much.
Year 11 Day 163 12:58
Amaranth Kushiel

Yes, but my IC character is affected by it. I've had two auctions that have gone bad because of multis. One which I know I am never going to see my purchased item, the other which I might have a slim chance at getting the item depending on if I was added to the crew manifest before he was banned. But either way.. his OOC actions and OOC ban affected me directly IC.

So while a list of those that have been unbanned would be useful, so too would be the list of those who are completely banned in case ownership cases come up after the ban has occured. I know the Centerpoint is updated pretty quickly with the information, but Togan is the SWC webmaster too. So I wonder if it could be made for public access.

Year 11 Day 163 13:14
If you need to have a list, you can use mine. I update it when I can, but keep in mind that some of those names are unbanned and hopefully amongst the general population.

They aren't linked together, so I don't know how much help it could serve.

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