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Archives » The Reset is Finally Here! OR: Why must admins randomly destroy things to make it look like they'rebusy?
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Re: Flich thing, damnit, I had his name in there twice originally I guess. :p I caught the second mention and fixed it since I remembered it was you and not Flich. You lot look too similar or something. At least I didn't accidentally call you Fish; that would just be insulting.


Same reason forum posts aren't generally saved, I guess. People assume they won't just magically disappear, so they can just copy the old one if they're planning to repost it within six months. It's not really unreasonable. I have so much shit on my hard drive (and even just in my SWC folder, which is even reasonably well organized) I doubt I could find my own old recruitment posts if I tried; most of the time I just copied my own posts too when I led Starsign.

People should just always listen to Syn imo.


Edited By: Syn on Year 11 Day 170 23:02


Well granted when I did it I just copied and pasted from the old one. But I also kept a copy in our factions forum so that if anyone else wanted to use it they could, and acted as a backup in case SWC got it deleted for whatever reason.

Meh, gives you a chance to update your recruitment post to fit in with the ever changing needs of the young recruit.

Edited By: Ellias Aubec on Year 11 Day 170 23:17

It should only take 5 minutes of there time even if they didn't have a backup for the amount of filtering that would have had to be done to clean it a quick painless jab is allways better.

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