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Year 11 Day 168 8:19
Currently there is one way to get xp for your military npcs. By walking. I had started training NPCs with the idea that some day they would have use. I was earning a good amount of XP leading my troops through their training and it seems there was a code change which put a cap on my xp i earned for walking. it is either a change in code or a bug and i would like to know why there was a change.


That'll cost ya
Year 11 Day 168 16:10
From what ah remember, you get 1xp for each square you walk (ie 84xp for doing a full circuit of a city), if you were getting more, that sounds like a bug

Year 11 Day 168 17:36
If it is indeed the amount of XP you were getting, yes its been fixed. Before it was giving XP for each square you travelled, rather than the distance between the start and end point. THis was changed to bring it back in line with all the other forms of travel.


Year 11 Day 168 19:49
well i had put a good deal of creds and time into building a training grounds to train my troops and now the rules have changed so that my efforts are futile. Why have the change? If i walk 40 squares why cant i get 40 xp. If it takes me 5 houurs to walk 22 squares and 9 hours to walk 40 squares....why would i get less xp for walking 40 around a few buildings than a straight shot 22 squares.


That'll cost ya
Year 11 Day 169 15:42
Ah liked how you got 1xp per square you walked over, as it enabled you to set the distance and not have to worry until the time is up/you reached the destination, otherwise you are having to sit there and keep sending them to the next square every 15 or so minutes

If there was another way for NPC Pilots to gain experience (like, you know, being in the party of their 'owner' in the cockpit when the owner starts traveling) then ah can understand messing with walking-exp calculations

Year 11 Day 189 9:33
Ellias, I don't see how you can call this a "fix". Ships move in straight lines. Characters that journey along the surface have to navigate around obstacles. The system is now broken. What do i need to do to get this changed back... a petition?


That'll cost ya
Year 11 Day 189 10:34
Wait, what?

If I'm in sublight, and I go 1 square, I get 1xp. If I go 2 squares, I get 2xp. It's exactly an equal correlation. Why should that not be true on the ground as well?

As Grave said, you're traveling in a straight line; it's not like you're taking a "shortcut" or anything.

Year 11 Day 189 12:33
Well if you click 1 square, and stop youll get the minimum of 1 XP. Then do it again, and youll get the minimum 1 XP. If you go all the way to the end like that youll get 20+XP
If you click to the end of the city from the start youll get only 3XP

Year 11 Day 189 20:00
Arch, your example is partially flawed : to gain 20 XPs, you would have to make 20 different travels. 3 XPs is only one big travel.

The "change" was already posted as a bug in the bugbase, and Ellias already said that the old rules (one square = one XP) was wrong. As he stated that getting 5 XPs for crossterrain was a bug due to the old server, and that the new gain of 3 XPs is correct. Which seems strange to me.

The changes were not announced on a Sim News. And after that the admins complain after people who open threads on the forum to ask if this or that is a bug or a feature ...



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Year 11 Day 189 22:12
If the new system of 3xp per journey (regardless of distance) then introduce new ways for NPCs to gain exp or no one will ever get their pilot NPCs to level up (even under the old system it took 21hours at speed 1 to gain 84 exp, with the new system you will only gain 12 for the same amount of time)

Year 11 Day 190 4:46
Wait so now XP for any travel is 3XP when walking?

XP should be 5 for cross-terrain, and walking in a city should be equal to the number of squares between destination and start. Any thing differently should be posted on the bug base as an error.


Year 11 Day 190 19:22
The current coding is giving a party xp for a straight shot distance as if you were traveling in a ship. So if i am 4 squares away from my destination and i have to walk 64 squares to get there..... i will still get 4 xp.


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Year 11 Day 192 19:30
Christian Hall

Thats a serious rip off.

Year 11 Day 194 0:12
Ryan Roche

Then again, who still uses their foot to travel? Even on a planet you're still in a ship.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 11 Day 194 3:06
Maybe those trying to level up their pilot NPC's?

Year 11 Day 194 17:36
Christian Hall

I walk around......

Year 11 Day 207 17:03
still getting 22 xp for crossing a city.. has it been determined that this is a bug or is this the way xp is calculated now...


That'll cost ya
Year 11 Day 207 19:49
It used to be you got 21 for travelling across one full side, or 84 for a complete circuit