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Archives » Can I um... have a planet?
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Year 11 Day 169 12:14
Vito Royan

Gun I thought more planets would be added?



Year 11 Day 172 13:13
It matters not, I consider the matter closed.
I shall attain every faction requirement other than the assets and the members and will remain for now as a non-faction group. There are fifteen Gran in the galaxy: two would be, from what is known of Gran society, considered as exiles because of their criminal behavior. Of the remainder none of the famous characters have responded. It is my displeasure to admit that there are more Gungans. However as a dedicated Gran player I feel responsible for seeing that this significant canon element is introduced to the community. Perhaps I will discover some peculiar advantages to being a professional freelancer, Han Solo did. I look forward to the adventure!


Year 11 Day 172 14:00
While they might be exiles In Character, you should consider talking to them OOC. They may be more than willing to help flesh out Gran culture.


Year 11 Day 173 2:58
Ku`Bakai Roche

Vito they've said before no new planets until such time as they get all non canon planets renamed to canon planets.

They've been working on a map redo.

I'm not sure how far they are along, personally I don't think the galaxy has enough planets to sustain combat. There simply isn't the necessary materials to support it in any way. Given how planets have been built up it is unlikely that they could ever meet demand given current distribution. I would not be surprised to see prices spike sharply at any sign combat is coming out.

Edited By: Ku`Bakai Roche on Year 11 Day 173 2:58

Year 11 Day 173 8:45
The Galaxy changes seems to have slowed down, mainly because those working on it don't have much return on their work at the moment. We're going to look at getting all the new sectors setup then begin to move planets around to fix them.


Year 11 Day 186 15:46
Maybe if you hadnt made empty threats you`d have more friends?



Year 11 Day 186 16:21

A little side note here, your avatar really freaks me out, lol O_O

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