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Year 11 Day 171 4:01
Kip Kraytos

I'm looking for some clarification please about some shield rules.

Say i have a city on a hostile planet.
The hostile faction has some powered shields in the area but not near my city.
The hostile faction does have slabs surrounding my city and have named their cities Shield generator 1, 2 ,3 , 4 etc.

My question is:
If i build a shield generator and computer control centre in my city , am i going to be able to get through my part of the shield when the hostile factions shields overlap to my city?


Year 11 Day 171 4:05
Unfortunately your own shield generators do not delete existing shields from adjacent SG and vice versa. So the answer is: you won't get through the hostile shields (once they are up) by this.

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Year 11 Day 171 4:11
Shields overlap surround terrain areas (including any cities there). All adding your own SG will do is increase the layers of shield over yours and theirs cities. Anyone wishing to pass through to any of these cities will require access through both shields or they cannot pass.


Year 11 Day 171 4:13
Kip Kraytos

If my SG is up before my neighbours and they end up shielding the rest of the planet later on , can i still access my city?


Year 11 Day 171 4:15
Again depends on access. Think of it as an onion. Your shield is the bottom layer, theirs is the top. If you cannot get through the top layer, you cannet reach your layer which you can pass through. Basically, there is nothing to stop them accessing your city if they own the surrounding cities.


Year 11 Day 171 4:16
Ka`rla Leakey

Only if you get added to the crewlist of their shields, so the answer is no.

Year 11 Day 171 4:19
Kip Kraytos

Sorry Ellias , I was typing as you posted the answer.
Doesn't seem too fair that i can't block someone shielding over my city :(
I would have thought a SG would protect the main city it was in and push back any lapping shields to the borders of neighbouring cities rather than adding a second layer.


Year 11 Day 171 4:23
Kip Kraytos

I was thinking of a SG more as a bubble rather than an onion-like layer.
Neighbouring SG's would just squash your bubble up and confine it to your city instead of having up to 9 possible layers running over 1 city.


Year 11 Day 171 5:14
No that doesnt make sense. It clearly states in the rules that having overlapping shields adds to the strength of shields at that location. If you have a shield gen in each square of a 3x3 block the center square is going to be 9x as strong. No where would it be assumable that the center square should only have a 1x bubble, and no where in the rules should you have gotten the idea that your shields will fight off only their but not friendly shields (if you had any such as touching the other side of your city)

Year 11 Day 171 9:11
Think of it another way, your shield going up will block them from accessing their city too.

So maybe you could use that as some sort of bargaining chip.


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Year 11 Day 171 12:11
Vincent Strife Antaria

Can't they can simply decend on the other side of the planet through shields they control and cross terrain into their cities?


Year 11 Day 171 12:14
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Sure, but it's damn annoying.

Year 11 Day 171 13:15
Doesn't seem too fair that i can't block someone shielding over my city :(  

You can. Own the whole 3x3 block so there's always a hole in other people's shields in the middle.


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Year 11 Day 171 15:10
Kip Kraytos

So if you place SG's in tactical spots on a planet nothing can defeat it.
Not even being the controlling power on the planet.
The only way would be to build SG's lapping back over theres covering the whole planet.

I don't think i'll be buying less than 9 joint city slabs ever agin.
Thanks for the answers people.
Much appreciated.


Year 11 Day 171 17:56
Or, buy 4 slabs in a corner - corner one is safe then.


Year 11 Day 172 0:18

Until someone finds the time/way to make shields wrap around the planet to avoid such silly weaknesses.


Year 11 Day 172 10:33
Or just buy an asteroid.

Year 11 Day 173 20:16
If you buy cities in a 3x3 square, you are guaranteed that the middle one can't be shielded by somebody else, it's impossible. Then if the others are shielded, you can descend on your center city and cross-terrain to one of the others.