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Year 11 Day 172 3:18
for me sound is fundamental.

so when am busy playing SWC I put in my old SWGB saga cd and play listen to the orchestral theme music form all Star Wars movies! :)

anyone else play music alongside SWC?

also last night I left my character near the star-port.

Today I find him far back at 0,0 top left corner of screen.

Does player position reset every so often or what???

Any good SWC IRC channels?

- the ones I seen so far are just mostly trash talk..


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Year 11 Day 172 3:24
Eshini`el Sandhawk

Reset of your position can be a bug. It shouldn`t happen.

Funny you asked about that. Yesterday I was listening to sw music from Aurodium Legion faction website (when their webpage is opened, it plays music), half a day long.
And I talked on swc-ic [in character roleplaying] for first time and it wasn`t idle channel as always. When it isn`t idle it can be fun.


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Year 11 Day 172 3:28
Indeed, teleporting randomly shouldn't happen.


Year 11 Day 173 3:35
Re: music, that sounds more like a question for the General Talk forum. :-) I'm sure there are people who would like to participate in such a discussion.

Re: IRC, you can type /list when you connect to the server for a listing of channels. However, it is the internet, and SWC is no exception in that it has its share of jerks, annoying people, and both mature and immature players. You never know what you're going to get. A good idea might be to find out if your faction has an IRC channel and just hang out in there, since factions usually have more close-knit relationships and theoretically less drama and bickering.

But for the most part, people just chat on IRC when they get bored, and all sorts of conversation comes up when you toss a bunch of bored random folks of widely varying ages into a room together anonymously.