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Archives » Trading without a character = ban?
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Year 11 Day 173 20:16
As someone pointed out, he was not setting up a deal for a future character. In fact he was not planning anything for any future. He was simply playing with the fact that he was dead, and trying to ruin as many other peoples games as possible. When your character is dead, thats it. You cannot RP in any way, shape or form, including making trades with that character.

Oh and Teniel, less admin intervention would be required if players actually stayed within the bounds of the rules we have given to ensure the game is as fair to everyone as is possible. You enlighten the rest of the player base that making multis, breaking the Golden Rule, sending assets from your old character to your new etc is wrong, and we can stop banning. Works both ways.

Edited By: Ellias Aubec on Year 11 Day 173 20:17


This is our worshiped rule:

Golden Rule: Use the Combine features in the spirit in which they have been designed. Don't try to exploit the features, use your common sense when using them. Ask yourself what is the purpose of the feature you are using and as such, what is the normal use for it. Abuses will be punished.

I did not exploit any features. I was able to be sent credits so i scammed. 100% in the rules. Ghosts IRL are said to be able to talk, if someone dies and have a bank account their bank account stays open. So a ghost floats into a room and speaks into someones ear "My name is Bob, send me 20$ and i will save you from death". So the person sends the ghost 20$ and goes on their happy way. The golden rule says nothing about scamming while dead. It is said ghosts can talk, i don't understand why i cant talk then.

Oh really, ghosts in real life? Show me one, then show it talking, then show its home address where you can send it money and maybe then youll have some room to work with.
Until then, enjoy the ban.
I was on thetraders and witnessed you trying to get other people to waste their money and you deserved it. People even told you the first? time to cut it out but you didnt listen then.
--Arch, out.

Year 11 Day 174 10:55
Bardan Nyad

Now what Jack did was wrong, but in all fairness, the other guy was kinda stupid for sending without even checking to see if he was alive first.



\"Pain heals, but glory lasts forev
Year 11 Day 174 11:13
Well thats the point, there is no place to check to see if a certain name is dead.
Someone could pick their character that died 4 years ago and hardly anyone would have heard of the name and how would you be able to check that?
The point is that that character is dead and gone and is not coming back and no there are no ghosts in real life or Combine life so there is no reason to assume said person would be dead and unable to trade. (of course they could be a scammer but still not the point)

Year 11 Day 174 11:16
Bardan Nyad

true enough.

on a side note, if you don't belive in ghosts,try living in scotland for a few years. see what you belive then.



\"Pain heals, but glory lasts forev
Year 11 Day 174 12:31

You see Arch you cant prove that now can you? Your basing this all on theory. I am only asking on a clearer rule saying what i did is against the rules. If you can not bring this forward then i don't understand why i am being banned for a full 30 days.

Year 11 Day 174 12:44
Sim Karr

Honestly, I think it needs moved up to a perma-ban.

Year 11 Day 174 13:13
Yes I can prove there are no combine ghosts. Hal did that.
D-U-N done.

And no, there should not have to be explicit rules defining everything that cannot be done.
We don't need a specific rule saying stealing a players real life car in relation for an IC action is a SWC bannable offense, it fits very well under harassment.

However I can see that perhaps while he knew it was an abuse of the system, he didnt anticipate such a reaction (and even mightve honestly thought it wasnt that bad of an abuse)and would follow the golden rule in the future and a perma ban isnt fitting.

Year 11 Day 174 13:20
The fact that he's not even recognizing that he did something wrong, continuing instead to try to find excuses to legitimize it, does mean that perhaps the ban isn't long enough to make him think hard about his actions.


Year 11 Day 174 13:31
I agree. Ban him longer!

I'm actually surprised this hasn't been tried before. Ever since they removed the block that prevented you from sending stuff to dead characters, that is.


Year 11 Day 174 15:09
Well, I think this counts. It is in the spying rules, but this would be a good way to actually call this legitimate:

Fake any game behaviour in order to hide or change your current in-game status. For example, you may not use a Star Destroyer custom picture on a Y-Wing or use an avatar picture showing you are under arrest if you are not.

I think pretending to be alive while not is faking behavior.

ANy person who is trying to use real life ghosts to logically allow for this behavior is grasping at straws. Ghosts may or may not exist in real life, but this is thankfully not real life. This is a game where we have rules and certain codes, and they were broken. Hence, ban.

Year 11 Day 174 15:57
Gunther Innis Tennor

White Chapel Cemetery in Troy, NY is just down the road from me and is supposedly in the top ten most haunted places in the US. I have been there numerous times and have yet to see anything suspicious.


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Year 11 Day 174 16:01
Are you goign to close the loophole? Or leave it 'open' and simply ban anyone foolish (or stupid) enough to exploit it?

Jack scammed using a dead character, that should be added into the rules so no-one else can be a 'Jack' and try and weedle out of the (justified) ban

Year 11 Day 174 17:03
Sim Karr

No, no, no Tiali!

That's exactly the problem with this world already! People need to be thinking for themselves and we don't need a rule book filled to the brim outlining every little thing you can and cannot do. It's called common sense. People need to grow up and start using their heads otherwise no one is going to be thinking for themselves.

Year 11 Day 174 17:13
Bardan Nyad

common sense? but,according to the rule book,thats not allowed!

Edited By: Bardan Nyad on Year 11 Day 174 17:30


\"Pain heals, but glory lasts forev
Year 11 Day 174 18:08
Xavze Zavan

I still have several characters in the game - all mine. In fact, one of my characters has more forum posts (on faction forums, not SWC) than Teniel does - and has posted GNS posts (through info factions) frequently, etc. 

I'd like to hear more about this o_O


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Year 11 Day 174 18:19

Thank you Hal, i now see a rule that fits me being banned. And for all of you saying i should have a perm ban you must remember that i did not start this thread.

Year 11 Day 174 19:13
Let's ban Teniel for multi-accounts! She's admitted it personally!

Year 11 Day 174 19:44

DONT! I think you forgot that she slayed the all mighty noob of the west.....ME

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