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Year 11 Day 174 17:06
Billy Willims

i cant tell where i am i left the computer and came back and it said as one of the control optoins to go into the cockpit so i did it and it said some weird thing like the server ownes this ship so now it wont tell me how much longer it will take for me to get to kayyk and im still on board this is my first time doing this

Edited By: Billy Willims on Year 11 Day 174 17:09
Year 11 Day 174 17:10
Vito Royan

I am pretty sure you entered a NPC transport? Did you have to pay?



Year 11 Day 174 17:13
Billy Willims

yes i had to pay

Year 11 Day 174 17:18
Billy Willims

some where around 17,00 to 16,00 credits
how long does it take you to reply to my questions?

Year 11 Day 174 17:28
Sim Karr

If you are on an NPC shuttle then travel to passenger section of the ship and click "position" on the control menu (right hand menu). In the description it should say your ETA (estimated time of arrival) and I think your destination. Let me know.

Year 11 Day 174 17:32
Billy Willims

1 hr 0 min
but it dosent say where i am going or where i am

Year 11 Day 174 17:37
Sim Karr

You can't remember where you bought passage to? :D

Year 11 Day 174 17:40
Billy Willims

sorry it was to kasyyk

Year 11 Day 174 18:04
Sim Karr

Ah, now I see it in your first post. To answer your question:

Once you left the ground it will take the shuttle one (1) hour to reach the atmosphere and then another hour to reach orbit. The shuttle will then move out of the gravity well around the planet before jumping to hyperspace. Once it reaches Kashyyyk the shuttle will move down to the starport there in the same process.

What planet are you leaving from? I can tell you how long it will take to reach Kashyyyk.

Year 11 Day 175 5:11
I'm assuming he started on Hapes, which would make it a 10 hours, 19 mins hyper.

Year 11 Day 175 10:16
Billy Willims