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Archives » Construction Abort Question
Year 6 Day 345 10:10
Tony Lake

After aborting and assigning the unused materials to goto a ship.

Do I have to leave the ship within the city?
Or does the ship just need to be there when deconstruction ends?

Year 6 Day 345 20:32
It needs to be there from when aborting starts, so you can select it.


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Year 6 Day 346 8:31
Tony Lake

In retrospect i guess I wasn't all too clear ^_^;

I mean once I selected the stuff to go in the ship - I meant in the context of can I just go fly off to go do something else while it's deconstructing?

Year 6 Day 346 20:14

Sure, so long as the ship is back there when it finishes.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 350 6:52
Tony Lake

Thanks for the reply

Well I came back in time. I set the ship down. And days later when decon finished the materials disappeared into the ether, despite there being plenty of room in the ship for the materials. :P

1: possible bug?

2: is there some thing I've done wrong that's not listed in construction rules?

Year 6 Day 351 3:37
hmm what day was this? It could be related to the recent actions bug.


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Year 6 Day 351 7:13
Tony Lake

Year 6 Day 349,2:42

This is the date for when the two powergens were completely cleared. This is the abort date: Year 6 Day 344,9:44

Year 6 Day 351 7:17
yeh, that lines up. At what % of construction did you abort?


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 351 10:10
Tony Lake

hm. ok.

roughly 33-34 % i think. I don't remember that well - twas nearly a week ago

Year 6 Day 352 5:30
oki. What's the ID of the ship the materials need to go on?


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Year 6 Day 352 7:28
Tony Lake

ID# 3988

Year 6 Day 352 22:52


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Year 6 Day 353 4:44
Tony Lake

Thanks v much.

good thing twasn't a recurring bug - otherwise you'd have a growing line of complainers 8)

Year 6 Day 354 1:01
heh, yup. no worries.


Kids these days!