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Year 11 Day 177 22:31
Is this even possible anymore? Can you become "One with the Force" or a Jedi Ghost?
I was absent from the game for awhile so I tried to find it in the rules and I can't find it anywhere.


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Year 11 Day 177 22:33
Nope its been removed.


Year 11 Day 177 22:49


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Year 11 Day 178 1:08
Because it was never implemented to any degree, was poorly thought out, and generally kind of dumb.


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Year 11 Day 178 13:55
I'd say, if it's kind of dumb for a PC to be a Jedi ghost.. why not make the FS ghost a NPC when he dies?



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Year 11 Day 179 3:35
Eshini`el Sandhawk

"I'd say, if it's kind of dumb for a PC to be a Jedi ghost"

I see much sense in it. Imagine..

A jedi master gets captured and killed and becomes a ghost until he looses all remaining FS points. As a ghost, he showes up near locations of certain players (types their names and shows up near them), getting to know their hiding locations. Then he showes up near his favourite padawan, telling him locations of enemies, and training his student at much quickier learning time than normal. (advices from ghost were common in canon SW) He even can teach his padawan to become one with the force, when his student is near to death one day. (canon again) He can even see when enemies type in codes on lvl 3 locks in their bases, give that information to his padawan and vanish for ever.


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Year 11 Day 179 5:18
Force users have enough advantages as it is. They should die like the rest of us and not be able to give out all kinds of information like that.

Year 11 Day 179 10:24
Implement it and half the JO would mass suicide just to get at Black Sun. So I`m all for it.



Year 11 Day 180 1:05
Everyone can thank Sandhawk for explaining exactly why we removed it.

Year 11 Day 186 17:31
So when they can form any code for combat are they just going to give up? Me thinks yes...

hince Soon(tm)


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