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Year 11 Day 179 5:07
I am stuck on a ship I have contacted the pilot and the owner. I was being transported for work, but the thing is that was over 2 month ago and I have yet to hear back. I have been patent, but now I has put me behind schedule. Any help welcome.
Thank you,
Kay Bon

P.S. the ships is the YT-1300 First Fortune

Year 11 Day 179 5:12
You will have to use IC methods to find out where you are and get you picked up. Since you have been stuck for so long we can drop your character, but that means you will have to recreate and loose everything (except CPs) you have gained so far.


Year 11 Day 183 20:15
Gaman Saxon

What faction is this, Kay?

Year 11 Day 185 13:33
i just got stuck on 1 of the servers ships headed for utapau i need help

my name is RORY FOLAND and i need help

Onboard the StarSpeeder 3000 Star Tours

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~warlord Foland, ~
Year 11 Day 185 15:28
How exacty are you "stuck"? If you picked it as your destination, then you'll arrive in due time. If you changed your mind after the fact... there's not a lot that can be done.


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Year 11 Day 185 20:05
The problem's been resolved...