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Archives » Life,Death,and the golden rule.
Year 11 Day 179 10:18
Bardan Nyad

I understand that gaining items from a past life is not allowed under the golden rule, but what about random instances?

EX. three months ago i had in my possession a YT-1300. i sold it,and continued on untill my death. if i bought a YT-1300 with my new charachter,and it turned out by some miracle to be the same one as i had with a previous charachter, would i get in trouble for that?

Just curious,really.

Year 11 Day 179 10:22
If you bought it, as in, you paid for it with tangible asset transfer, that's fine.

If you happened to have some really generous friends who just happened to give it to you for no exchange in credits, then that's not fine.


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Year 11 Day 179 10:33
you can never own a 1300 again......no honestly exactly what clarr said.

Year 11 Day 179 11:05
but if you bought it from cpm via a middle-that should be ok?????

Year 11 Day 179 12:26
Gunther Innis Tennor

If it is an honest transaction (not a gift or dirt cheap) then it is ok.


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Year 11 Day 186 19:31
So if I died and had sold a custom YT1300 prior to my death and then after I made another character I bought it for less then what I sold it for, would I then get in trouble?


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Year 11 Day 186 19:35
If you had a custom YT 1300 with a past character and sought out the same custom YT 1300, you would get in trouble.


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Year 11 Day 186 22:08
Because he sought it out? Or because he paid less than what he sold it for (effectively circumventing the Golden Rule)?

But if he paid more, would he still be in trouble?

What if he just bought a new YT1300 but wanted to use the same paintjob/custom image? (when Tiali dies all her stuff {her NPCs/droid and ships, including the Steel Stag) will reenter the market {or possibly Darkness} but when mah next character gets a ship of their own they might want to reuse the same image or at least the a similar paintjob)

Year 11 Day 186 22:21
If you deliberately seek out the same one, expect bad things. If you buy any one of the thousands of YT 1300s in the game and randomly get the same one, don't worry.

As for images, talk to the Art Team. Some might say it's in poor taste from a RP perspective, but the Art Team can tell you if they feel it's legal or not.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 11 Day 187 2:11
Ryan Roche

There are too many customs being submitted every day, we wouldn't personally be able to remember ones that were accepted before and deny them if they exist already. So unless we get informed about it, if you submit a custom image as one character and submit the same as another, we wouldn't know that you did.

But as Hal said, it's poor taste in our opinion anyways.



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