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Year 11 Day 183 23:48
Dan Hakim

Where do the RMs go when things get recycled? Unless I'm missing something only Salvager droid and Wrecker have recycling abilites, but neither have much in the way of weight capacity.

After reading a thread about 'Recycling Wars' after battles, when we have the necessary form of combat, it made me wonder how can a a tiny Wrecker that can only hold 10T deal with a 18T piece of mel? Or will we see large capacity recycling ships in the future (Trandoshan Scavenger Ship, perhaps?)


Year 11 Day 184 0:02
Cael Sarn

You know, I was thinking about the same thing. :)


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Year 11 Day 184 0:23
I believe it can be moved to ships the recycler has access to that is in the same location/city.


Year 11 Day 184 0:40
Dan Hakim

A bit like the mine-to-silo transfer?

Will it be the same in space as well, then?


Year 11 Day 184 0:51
The RM's auto transfer for a small fee to any freighter in the same city (if recycling facilities)


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Year 11 Day 184 5:32
Raw Materials are stored first in the cargo area of the recycling vehicle then freighters then the silos of the same owner in the same city. Later, they can be moved to cargo area of vehicles or other ships in same city. If city is full (eg. Both the Vehicle and Silos are full), then the materials are lost. Storage to Silos is automatic, however a cost is incurred to pay for transport.