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Year 11 Day 185 12:09
Novelle Seraphim

Hello all. My names Novelle and i'm wondering about factions here. I know you join immedatitly before spawning to a location but the last time i played i just had problems I'm a Anzati jack of all trades so i'm very easy to place in most situations or factions so here's my problem. I have at skill rank of 2 in combat, leadership, and repair so basically balanced to the point of being boring. I want to develop combat and leadership skills so i'm wondering which faction is best among mercenaries or should i join so where else there are too many choices. I need opinions.

Year 11 Day 185 22:06
Dan Hakim

Post in the Seeking Work thread or the classifieds, then see which of the offers you get appeals to you the most.


Year 11 Day 186 1:28
Since this is an OOC forum, we're not supposed to influence your in-game views in terms of galactic politics. :-)

But either way I would encourage you to take a look at the full listing of factions (the "Factions" link on the right-hand Community Menu) and look over the descriptions and websites of the relevant factions that might interest you. Most factions have some sort of forum linked, so you can see how active they are and what their general tone of conversation is. Since SWC is still an incomplete game, finding a faction you actually enjoy being social in or enjoy roleplaying with is probably going to be the best idea.

Most factions also list which government they are aligned with or support--something else to take into consideration, depending on where in the galactic conflict you want to land with your character. Not all mercs are neutral. Maybe you can use some of those factors to narrow down your search a bit, and then do as Hakim suggests and take a look at some of the job listings to see what benefits they can offer you in terms of ships, items, and credits.