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Archives » I have wated the 30 day ban time, and am needing to be unbanned as well, Info enclosed.
Flich is the admin who banned us [my Dad and Myself, this is time {Shotan} not Lance] My Dad no longer wishes to play but I do, Flich stated that only one account could be unbanned, so I would like my own account, Shotan Turok to be the account to be unbanned please. I've sent an E-mail to Flich and await an answer, will he answer the email or just unban the account? Anyhow, I sent him an email.

Thank you.

Ewoks being sacrificed
(Posted by Flich on Year 11 Day 152 21:33)

The following accounts have been banned for thirty days:

Lance Korian
Shotan Turok

The above mention players may contact me after thirty days to have one of the accounts retrieved. All kittens have been spared and an ewok has been sacrificed to the gods.

So, How long does it take normally to get unbanned once the 30 days are up?


Depends when Flich logs on, probably.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Hope he signs on soon, I didn't get very long playing the game before my Dad messed it all up for me. Glad he's not going to be playing anymore, It's pretty sad when the kid acts more grown up then the grown up, :P

Unbanned you like 20 hours ago.