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Archives » This Message is for Flich, whenever you sign on dude, please read.
Flich your the admin who banned us [my Dad and Myself, this is Tim writing this {Handle Shotan Turok} My Dad no longer wants to play but I do, Flich, you said that only one account could be unbanned, so I would like my own account, Shotan Turok to be the account to be unbanned please. I've sent an E-mail to you as well, and I'm awaiting an answer, I honestly don't know if my dad was screwing around in my account when I wasn't around, but he's not going to touch it now. I will make sure to change pass words etc. I will be the only one on my account.
Thank you.

Here is the message off the news when we were banned:

Ewoks being sacrificed
(Posted by Flich on Year 11 Day 152 21:33)

The following accounts have been banned for thirty days:

Lance Korian
Shotan Turok

The above mention players may contact me after thirty days to have one of the accounts retrieved. All kittens have been spared and an ewok has been sacrificed to the gods.

And It's been like 34 or 35 days now, thanks alot,

Tim aka, Shotan Turok

Do not post x amount of messages. Sending an email to assistants would be much easier than random posts on the forum. However, I have just asked him to look at it for you.