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Archives » CP Exchange for Facitilities/items
Year 11 Day 187 12:17
Keibak Aruu

I noticed in the rules that there is a cp page for them, but its empty. Are there plans for this at somepoint so that we can exchange for these items through CP's?


Year 11 Day 187 15:46
Gunther Innis Tennor

There are no plans currently for facilities. As for items, that is quite a tricky thing to do so most likely won't be used.


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Year 11 Day 187 15:49
Ryan Roche

I'd even suggest to remove all content from the CP items page. People are mislead to believe there is actually a CP cookie, wine and Artwork or whatever. Later they use it as an excuse in case their custom gets declined.



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Year 11 Day 187 18:21
Keibak Aruu

OK Thanks. We used to have, back in the day of the holocom, a cp exchange for facilities I believe. Even during ICIS you were able to trade in for a tavern or palace for like 1 million cp's...

I wish they would come back. Just trade in CP's for a facility thats sort of special. Have it hanging in limbo until you can get build permissions for a city. If you dont get a place for the facility to be placed after two weeks, it will disappear from your inventory and the CP would be lost. If you have a place for it, you can place it from your inventory there, and the amount of time it would take to build is how long it will take to show up at that spot.

Actually, I could have sworn thats exactly how the holocom did it. Well, not exactly, but close to that way anyway.

Thanks again.


Year 11 Day 187 20:37
Facilities were removed when construction began requiring RMs, etc, as the CP system was deemed incompatible with construction in that form.

As for the pages showing up, I believe it's a standard format that all entity types have a CP section.


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