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Archives » Question about the NPC's? (CLEARED UP; CLOSE PLZ)
What does the tagging do? I see i can add tags and i've asked in a few players but cant find anything about it?

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Year 11 Day 187 19:44
It's simply a sorting tool, to ease tracking various objects within your inventory

Year 11 Day 187 19:46

You can filter your inventory by tags you give them. Tags also remain when you send stuff to other people. And its present on all inventory pages, not just NPCs.


Thank you, i've been on the combine for nearly 5 years now and never got a simple answer like that one! I finally understand it!

Its only be around for a year or so - ever since Inventory 2.0


Yea, i just started messing with NPC's bout a year or so ago. Before i just bought and sold stuff throughout the game to make money...lol...but then i actually started doing stuff to further my character. And there were functions i just didnt understand

Seeing how this is about NPCs, thought ah would ask here: how do you actually buy an NPC? So far the NPCs ah have were bought from other players, about all ah know is if you want one of a particular race you have to go to their home world (or something like that)

The facilities you can hire NPC types from are listed in the NPC rules. Within that facility, the Hire NPCs button is on the Position->Actions menu. And yes, races are 90% likely on their homeworld, and random everywhere else.


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