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Archives » CP ship's, vehicle's and item's?
Year 11 Day 188 18:23
Shotan Turok

I have a general idea what CP's are, I know that we have to gain them out of game in some way. I was told we can buy CP points, is there a chart or something showing how many CP's you get for your $ and the cost of each ship, vehicle or item? There are some things I'd really like to pick up. Oh, and do they just appear in your inventory or do you have to go pick them up somewhere?



Year 11 Day 188 18:37
Gunther Innis Tennor

CPs are not bought.

For every $1 you donate, you are rewarded 1000 CPs.

You must be on a planets surface to CP spawn an entity and the facility they can be spawned in is dependent on their type (Ships - Starports and Landing Pads).

Please read the rules page which will direct you to how many CPs things cost and the rest of your questions.


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Year 11 Day 190 17:07
If you click on the cp amount under the information column, then on the cp page, click support the combine at the top and there are several ways to obtain cps, including the top sites voting program.


Year 11 Day 191 9:29
John Hansson

Letss all make some donations. :)