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Year 11 Day 189 8:42
First off let me say the best way to avoid having to worry about this is to make sure you stay above the required members. Obviously though it does happen enough to where we need to recruit.

Faction gets below 10 members and starts recruiting. Two to Three days later they are back up to 10 members and the clock starts ticking backwards again counting down to 0


Is there something that will tell us that we have reached the point of 0 again?

If during this time we go under 10 again, I assume the timer starts off from the current time on the tick clock(ticking back 3 days, on day one when you go under so you are one day in the hole), am I correct to assume that?

I looked the rules section but did not see anything on this so thought I would ask.

Thank you in advance.

Year 11 Day 189 10:30
I can't really understand your question, so I'll just explain it as I understand the rule:

You go below 10 members, and the counter starts ticking up. 3 days later, your member count gets up to 10, and the counter is at 3. You maintain 3 members for 2 days, then you drop down to 9 members. Your counter is now at 1, because you held 10 members for 2 days, and begins its tick back to 14.

Basically, you can "erase" the tick down to dissolution by maintaining more than 10 members for longer than you had fewer than 10 members.

The rules page would likely be better served by saying "the counter ticks back to 14" or something rather than 0.

Year 11 Day 189 11:38
It should be displayed on the faction status page I believe.


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Year 11 Day 189 12:05
Thanks to both of you