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Year 11 Day 190 17:08
I know for you to build a ship in a factory it has to be assigned and started by a ship factions.

However if the DC for the ship is like a x-ceptor can it be assigned to a Recycling Faction and started by them as well?

Year 11 Day 190 17:11
Should of just asked your boss!
Yes Recycling groups Build the Recycled ships :)


Year 11 Day 190 17:40
You can find your answer in the Rules section under Ship Production.

I believe for you to be able to produce a ship, you need an SY (shipyard) or factory, the appropriate privileges, the credits, and the DC (datacard), the builders, and the RM's (raw materials).

That's all I know. I don't know if that really answers your question.


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Year 11 Day 190 18:41
Ugly fighters are producable by recycling groups.


Year 11 Day 190 20:29
Siejo: Ehh you weren't own. :P

Ellias: Thanks bro.

Arkondrius: Im too lazy to look :P Thanks tho.

Year 11 Day 197 20:07
Just a note though.. Recyclers cannot produce the Ships or Vehicles that are not "recycled" correct?


Year 11 Day 197 22:04
Recycling factions can only produce the ugly ships. Nothing else, not even the vehicles they have the DC for.


Year 11 Day 198 2:51
I'm just curious, but can a ship production faction build uglies?

Year 11 Day 198 6:36
And a related question, what about ammo? Can only weapon factions produce them, or can item factions produce them aswell?


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Year 11 Day 198 16:50
We have factories producing ammo in an item production faction so your answer is yes.

Year 11 Day 199 7:32
Factory ownership is irrelevant, ask half the independent producers. You need to have the faction set as manager of the facility, and you need someone within the faction type to start the production run. After that it works fine regardless of what faction you are in.

Year 11 Day 200 0:48
So can I reask my side question....Can a ship production faction build ugly fighters if theyt get their hands on the DCs?

Year 11 Day 200 0:58
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

If they assign a recycling faction to their factories and have a member of a recycling faction start production, sure.