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Archives » Uuuuu ... What does this button do?
Riax Tardes

I was inside a gravity well and found this new button.

"Override safety"

After some search from the rules, I didn't find anything to suggest how this works. Or maybe it was hiding from me.

I can make an educated guess, that my ship would try to enter hyperspace, and the success would be defined by the same equation from aborting hyperspace. But it would be only a guess ... Anybody knows for sure ?

It allows you to enter hyperspace while in a gravity well. If you do so, you have a 50-50 chance of your ship taking damage. I think it was a random amount anywhere between 40%-70% of your hull/shields/ionic, but I'm not sure.

Riax Tardes

So it's a fixed 50% chance? No skills are involved?

So the damage is a percentage of your ship's stats. Is this original ship stats, or current ones? For example, if you ship already has some damage.

No, that's Bromley talking about something he has no idea about, yet again.

I'll have somebody document it in the rules.