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Year 11 Day 192 5:20
Ryan Roche

I was wondering, when a character dies, does his profile get blocked as if a normal person set his account to private? So, for example, my account is set to public. If my character dies, my account will automatically be set to private?




Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 11 Day 192 6:23
I think it depends on if you choose to respawn or not. Not entirely sure about this rule, but I believe if you choose to respawn the profile page will change to reflect your new character. At least, that's what it seems when you read this rule exert.

3.2/ What happens to you?

After death you must wait 3 weeks before being able to rejoin as a playing character. During the "death wait", the only Darkness ability available will be to view CPs. After three weeks when you login to Darkness or the members page a 'change name' box will prompt to select a new name. The name of a dead character will not be reusable, so a new character name will have to be selected 

Year 11 Day 192 6:30
Bento, those profiles are linked to a character not player, so restarting would still mean that the old character has a profile. I think. If they do remain I would guess its is the same as it was before they died.


Year 11 Day 192 10:07
From a couple of quick profile searches, I believe the profile is either set to hidden or deleted altogether, Ryan.

Year 11 Day 193 1:23
Ryan Roche

That's what I thought, thanks again Mikel. :)



Ryan's Arts Workshop