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Year 11 Day 193 11:12
So, if my character were to die, would I be allowed to come back as, say, a sibling of my previous character? The rules are not particularly clear on this point, though it seems that you are able to RP as a relative of your previous character, it just won't be official. And if I COULD be a relative, would I be allowed to dedicate my new character to avenging the loss of their brother, or would that be a violation of the IC/OOC barrier?

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Year 11 Day 193 11:18
As long as you're not using info gathered by your old character and you don't get old character-assets transferred to you, you should be good.

Year 11 Day 193 15:08
If your new character can gather the info concerning your old characters' death through IC means, shouldn't be a problem (of course that requires others playing along and keeping it IC from their side as well)

Year 11 Day 193 18:27
Though it is perfectly within the rules to do so (so long as you don't use info/assets from the previous character) some people don't like that RP-wise. Retconning a family member etc for when you respawn is not a nice RP method, which I'm guessing is your main avenue since otherwise you would make a totally new character. Best thing to do is like Teniel, and have you other party members as NPCs etc with your character now, and you can then pick up their names without too much trouble if you are killed.


Year 11 Day 195 5:38
I can for sure understand that people might want to RP a relative to their now dead char but I think it is very poor RP to dedicate any new character towards wanting to avenging the dead char.


Year 11 Day 195 9:56
I'm just curious as to how the use of info from a previous charachter is moderated? i mean if,for instance, with my last charachter, i knew the location of a hidden factory,and used that info to my advantage with this charachter,is there really any way to moderate that? just curious.


Year 11 Day 195 10:28
Eshini`el Sandhawk

Renji there is no way to check that and I believe ASims are too busy for even wanting to check where each character has his/her info from.

Still it`s bad RP and it`s breaking swc golden rule which counts on players` common sense.

Detect-able? No
Ruins your fun of NEW adventure in the Combine? For sure

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Year 11 Day 195 11:24
Common sense? you should know better, the majority of players have no common sense:P

But yeah, i get what you mean.


Year 11 Day 195 19:12
Well wek now of one player that had a member list for one faction, and we told them (after some investigation or something I think) that should they ever sell/give/etc that information away (they were dea at this point) they would be perma-banned.

Obviously, some things we are not going to be able to detect, but fortunately the majority of those that would do such things also like to brag about it and post in very public places etc.