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Year 11 Day 194 14:21
What are the benifits and if any what are the downs?


I am whatever you say I am; If I wasn\'t, then why would I say I am?


Year 11 Day 195 14:03
I'm assuming this forum is open for others to answer questions as well.

In case you don't know, the offers are located here, in the second of four boxes on the right side, it's the one with different pictures, kind of like scrolling iTunes album covers.

Each one is different, but for the most part you are signing up for free trials of products, insurance quotes, etc. Make sure you use real information, and the same information as SWC has on record, or you won't get the CPs.

CPs rewarded can be found here:

It's not instant (or not always), but it is very quick. I've had some rewarded in 30 seconds, and some a couple of hours later. Generally speaking it is MUCH more reliable than CPALead.com. Actually, I don't think I've had any of the BLVD Media ones fail to get rewarded.

You get CPs
You help out SWC
You may find a product or service you like

The time taken

Year 11 Day 197 11:30
Jennifer Blvd

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jennifer and I work for Blvd Media Group. I'm here to address the questions and concerns regarding the rewardTool.

I want to start off by apologizing for not posting sooner. Our focus is on player relations and we do our best to be as transparent as possible. We will entertain all ideas and are open to any/all suggestions for improvement.

That being said...let me begin addressing many of the things that are common for all players in all games that run our rewardTool.

I hope this helps!!!

1. Advertiser offers are listed from Highest to Lowest converting. Thus, the offers up front are the ones that are the easiest to complete. Do these first.

2. Using an alternative or secondary email address is okay as long as it is registered to you. Please check this email every once in a while so that advertisers won't complain about the quality of the information being provided.

3. All of these offers are Opt-In. This means that you will probably be getting additional marketing emails from advertisers. It also means that you can Opt-Out. I know that this feels a lot like spam, but you are only getting it b/c you allowed the advertisers to send it.

4. For non-converting offers...please follow the instructions below the tool. Please be patient as we will attempt to reward you in the order your email was received.

5. Offers are available to users in all countries. Some countries do get more offers than others. If you don't see many new offers for your country, please post the country you are in and we will work hard to get you some.

6. Some offers are Mobile Phone offers, so please read the fine print carefully.

7. All of the offers reward in Real Time (or as close to real time as humanly possible). If you don't get rewarded after about 5 minutes or so, you probably won't get the reward. See #4.

8. We get new offers every day so check back often. We test 100's of offers every week and make about 20-30 new ones live. Again...if you don't see new offers in your country...please alert me.

9. For offers that require a download, you need to uninstall the previous version you have on your computer before installing the new one.

10. No offer should take you longer than 5 minutes to complete. If you are working on it for longer than that and it still didn't convert..not allowed on to another offer.

Thanks! More to come.


Year 11 Day 197 11:31
Jennifer Blvd

Successfully completing online surveys that pay out virtual currency can be very frustrating at times. There are many reasons why offers do not convert. Entering in fake information, filling out the same offers more than once, not qualifying for the offer, or the advertiser’s pixel not firing are only a few reasons why offers do not reward.

Many times you fill out all the information correctly and honestly, but the survey or offer does not credit. Not only is this annoying, it dramatically reduces your desire to fill out more surveys and prevents you from earning what is rightfully yours.

After years of experience with online surveys as a user, a publisher, and as an advertising network, we have figured out some very easy ways to help you maximize your success with online surveys.

Here are some Insider Tips:

TIP #1: Make sure your browser supports cookies. Cookies are just one way to verify that it is really you completing the surveys. Do a search online for a “cookie tester”. Test your browser here: http://www.pageout.net/page.dyn/cookie_tester

TIP#2: Using Internet Explorer to complete offers is preferred. You can try newer versions of FireFox, Chrome, and Safari, but we recommend that you use IE.

TIP#3: Turn off all ad blockers and pop-up blockers (two different things). Sometimes advertisers won’t report your offer as completed because the “Thank You” page gets blocked. Think about it…does doing online surveys with a blocker activated even make any sense?

TIP#4: Upon completing an offer, clean your browsing history (Cookies, Cache, Web Forms, etc.) before starting another offer.

TIP#5: Use real information. If you put Bob at bob dot com as your email address, you will never get rewarded. Setting up a separate email account for these offers is valid, as long as it is a real email address that is registered to you. If your zip code doesn’t match your street address, IP address and sometimes your phone number, the offer will most likely not reward.

TIP#6: Read the offer requirements carefully. Most offers will tell you what action is required to complete the offer. If you stop too early or skip a step, the reward will not be paid.

TIP#7: Read the terms and conditions! Advertisers are paying for something. This something is your personal information for marketing purposes. If you are filling out offers, you are opting in to their marketing database. Make sure you are comfortable with the advertiser’s offer. If you are not, then don’t do it!

TIP#8: Don’t waste your time filling out the same offer more than once. If you see the same offer that you completed on another game, the odds are slim that it will convert for you a second time.

Keep up the good work!

Year 12 Day 96 19:28
Deleted Post
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Year 13 Day 133 21:13
Brand Malden

Thanks for the explanation. I was getting frustrated with not being rewarded for the few offers I tried. Now I realize it's just probably because of the browser I use(opera). Please update it if it's ever added to the list.