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Year 11 Day 195 10:50
Silas Xade

So I've got a quick question.

What are the requirements to drop a character and start a new?

I'm asking because I have myself trapped on a ship, which is docked in a capital ship as far as I can tell. Any help would be appreciated



\"Be very, very quiet, I\'m stalking prey...\"
Year 11 Day 195 11:14
If you aren't able to contact the ship's owner, then I believe it's after 3 weeks that you can email to request they drop your character.

Year 11 Day 195 11:35
Silas Xade

I guess I have to wait until the ship owner responds to me. Thanks for the help Mikel


\"Be very, very quiet, I\'m stalking prey...\"
Year 11 Day 195 19:09
You should make all possible attempts to contact the owner of the entity you are trapped inside first. This may involve asking in the Traders Lounge to see if anyone knows who owns the ship you are in. If after 3 weeks you have been unsucessful, contact and admin and we can drop your character and your can recreate after another 1 week without a character.


Year 11 Day 199 17:47
Keibak Aruu

I was also under the impression that the admin could also move the character to the nearest planet, rather than just drop them.


Year 11 Day 199 17:58
They stopped doing that awhile ago.