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Year 11 Day 199 0:06
Hey there,

I know counterfeits can be produced in a factory, but shouldn't they be able to be produced in labs as well?
Is that already possible or do I need to make a thread in the suggestion forum about it?

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Year 11 Day 199 5:24
Alexander von Ismay

I've been tempted to try it. >.> I Just haven't gotten to a lab.


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Year 11 Day 213 8:42
I think Labs are strictly for Medical Faction Productions only.


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Year 11 Day 236 16:58
Yeah I know, but as it is in RL, most drugs were first produced in labs (as potential cure, by accident, etc) so I wondered why it shouldn't be the same in the combine.

Year 11 Day 239 0:35
Rikoz Xid

Well as far as that goes i could make drugs inside my home. That's not to say you can do it in a personal residence.


Year 11 Day 239 6:32
Sure, that's why I asked for Labs and not for Personal Residences. ;)