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Archives » Deleting your account/character
Year 11 Day 199 4:23
Due to the way SWC is run, basically all accounts are kept, and none are deleted. This is because there is a strict admin policy on multiple characters, and cheating through that method. However, all your information will be kept secure, and is not given to any other group if you worry about email addresses and other personal information.

There is however an exception to this. All accounts that hold a level 1 character, and has not been logged into in the 9 months previous will be automatically deleted. This is the only way an account is deleted.

If you are looking to delete your character to create a new one, you need to use one of the IC ways to kill your character off (Flying into a Sun or Black Hole, or being arrested and executed) or use the drop character button located on your Character information page. You will then have a 3 week wait to choose a new name and prepare a new character before you can create your new character and spawn again.

Edited By: Zhao Yun on Year 13 Day 118 14:56