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Year 11 Day 200 12:02
Okay, innane and stupid question, but one that's been bugging me for a while...

Why are there force probabilities listed for "NPC Only" races?

It's a given that NPCs can't be FS.
PC's can't play those races.

But their rules page has Force Probability listed. HP Bonus and Race Modifier I can understand, since that gives you an idea of how your NPCs will level up, but I was just curious about the FP%.

Is it just for being completionist, so that everything in the rules pages is homogenous?
Or is it more leaving an open door for future possibilities? (I'm not speculating on them, such as NPCs being FS or PCs playing those races, I'm just asking if the motivation was future flexibility.)

Again, it's a minor and picky thing, I was just curious.


Year 11 Day 200 12:03
I would assume that it's in preperation for the future,when these races may become playable by PC's.

Year 11 Day 200 12:24
It is a required field for races, so it has to have a value. While it could be set as 0, it's better to have more realistic representation of races.
Additionally, as Renji said, it allows the option for them being PC races later, or in some cases they have previously been available to PCs.


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Year 11 Day 201 9:19
Keibak Aruu

Personally I had always thought that NPC's should have the probability of being FS. But I guess the last time I suggested this I was given a firm "no". Oh well.


Year 11 Day 201 16:03
There wouldn't be much purpose in FS npcs, though, as NPCs don't do much now.
The only function I could see a FS NPC having is possibly being exploited in some way for Force Training, which would be bad, and kind of silly.

But that's neither here nor there, I was just curious. It seems like I thought that it's kind of an "all of the above", which works.

Thank you, Hal.


Year 11 Day 202 14:55
It would be nice though to have some FS NPC's (owned by darkness of course) scattered around the galaxy in various cities (probably NPC controlled ones) hiding that could test PC's to see if they are FS. Clues could be found as to where they are by talking to NPC's in said cities. Those NPC's could charge credits for information on where the Jedi/Sith is in hiding as well and could thereby also become a credit sink. Certain skills would effect the amount of credits one paid for the info etc. The FS NPC would not charge for the test of course and might try to influence you one way or the other based on its affiliations to either the Jedi or something else. Just an idea I had while reading the above posts. I know there would be some serious coding behind it and there is no way it would be implemented but there you go...

Edited By: Jiwoo Mieds on Year 11 Day 202 14:57
Year 11 Day 202 15:23
Olan Kaabe

Jiwoo, this isn't really the place to suggest that, but you could try your luck in Message Centre > Suggestions.


Year 11 Day 202 17:38
No. Won't happen.


Year 11 Day 203 14:54
Lol, that's why I didn't actually suggest anything. I was just browsing through the forums reading everything like always and the above comments and questions gave rise to the idea so I posted it. I do not under any circumstances think it should be easy even if it were someday implemented but the thought was for it in general was there. Anyway, thanks for the confirmation though Elias.