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Archives » Do you need to buy fuel for ships?
Year 11 Day 202 19:09
Year 11 Day 202 19:18
Nope not at this time, you never hit E on your ship!

Year 11 Day 202 19:19
Year 11 Day 202 19:21
Because on the offchance there is a fuel leak we don't want all of the servers to flood and have to pay out billions of credits to clean up the mess.

Year 11 Day 202 19:23
Year 11 Day 202 19:50
Mostly for simplicity's sake, as well as having less information for the server to juggle. It is assumed that when you go anywhere you would refuel, no need to make the game a more tedious simulation than it already is.

Sanatana Profigous

Also because if you were doing a 20 day hyperspace trip in a fighter and you ran out of fuel I take it that you wouldn't be very happy.


It would be a good credit sink!


Year 11 Day 205 21:22
Kainen Morguli

There are several things that do not happen in this game because they are considered to menial.

Examples: Eating, urination, excretion, fueling, sleeping, etc.

I believe, though I'm not 100% positive, that these things are left out as to give players a sense of reality but without having a SIMS game on their hands. If you had to do those things, you would most likely have to log on at certain intervals just to make sure that your player is doing the things they are needing to do to stay alive. The design of this game is more to let players interact as their time allows them too...and not every few hours.

Year 11 Day 207 15:53
Lea Delorme

Maybe a bit late but:


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Year 11 Day 207 17:39
Kiari Delcroix

I think I find it more humorous that everyone that submits a suggestion in the Suggestions Forum has to sit on Veynom's lap to do it.

Year 11 Day 207 19:21
Why do you think I so rarely start new threads in there?


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 11 Day 207 19:44
Hal's the little happy Vey-Elf that ushers new suggesting players onto Vey's lap, and takes a picture of them doing so. Which may be a little bit more distrurbing...


Year 11 Day 208 13:51
Jad Quelben

We don;t have to buy fuel, as certain companies will spill it... All over. :P